It’s out and it’s doing well!!

This has been an interesting day to say the least. The book came out just after midnight and went straight into the top 500. At the end of the day, it finished at number 32 and peaked at 31. For a first time author with no history or following, I’m extremely pleased with that and am indebted to my publisher Joffe Books and to their publicist Jill Burkinshaw.

Jill has been organising blog tours and FB events (great launch party!) and all kinds of stuff to get me out there so a big thank you to her. I’ve long heard that Jasper Joffe has some kind of magic dust he sprinkles on his authors and I think I got an extra helping. Big thank you to the man himself.

If you’d like a copy, the launch price is just 0.99p so grab it while you can from Amazon. It’s also available to take away on an iPad in a bookshop (apparently…)


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