London Crime

Found a really good website earlier today which I thought I would share with you. London Crime is a site dedicated to all things crime in, well…London. There’s a good selection of books, fiction and Non, DVD’s and an A-Z of nefarious scoundrels throughout history and I’ve found a few more authors to read, too. Be aware that this site doesn’t glamourise crime and the information within it is of a historical nature. It’s well worth having a look at.

There are some links on the site to places worth visiting. One of which is ‘The Clink’, the prison that gave its name to the expression ‘in the Clink’. I visited this place gawd knows how many years ago now when I worked in the area. They had some interesting exhibits on display which would have today’s liberals reaching for their smelling salts and taking to their beds.

One was a boot made of lead which they would place the prisoner’s foot into. Obviously, this wasn’t a Cinderella-type experience. The nasty gaolers would shove a load of wooden wedges in the back of the boot and force the foot forward. Then, when things got a bit tight, they would hammer them in with the result that the foot broke in all sorts of places – toes, ankles, whatever. This was also done to the kiddiewinks who had the cheek to nick an apple or orange (assuming, of course, the gallows was a bit busy that day) On a bad day, they would pour molten metal into it…

They also had a metal contraption that fitted over the head of females with a metal tongue that protruded backwards and into the woman’s mouth. This had a load of tiny spikes on it that would slash the tongue to ribbons if the woman had the cheek to say anything.

Who reckons it’s easier today, eh?


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