I’m struggling a bit.

I’ve finished the first draft of my third book and, as I mentioned earlier, it’s come up a bit light in the word department. Whilst I initially freaked out I got around to realising that I’d missed out some important stuff (who does that?) and correcting it as I go. But, with this one, I’m wavering with the ending. Just when I think I’ve got it worked out in my head I go and get a different idea pop up! And so I’m going back and forth with endings.

Today’s ending was, I think, the one I’m going to go with because I may have figured out a way to take my two boys off of this Sceptred Isle for a short while.

We shall see…

Coming in low

My biggest panic with this third book? Glad you asked. It’s only 50,000 words. Bugger me! That’s low. My last two were in the 80-83k range and suddenly, I’m done at fifty.

But, panic under control, this is just my first draft and I have a lot more stuff to put in but even so, it makes me uncomfortable that the count is so low to start with.Hmmm…