The Practice of FGM and ‘Breast Ironing’

Sorry I haven’t been here for a while but I’ve been topping and tailing Book #4 and working up a story for #5.


In my book ‘The Lost Children’ I highlighted the subject of African Witchcraft and how it’s taken hold in this country. I hoped the story would highlight the barbaric practices of hideous child abuse carried out by people who believe they are driving out demons and I linked to a couple of videos which you can find here. It seems however that witchcraft is not the only barbaric practice carried out on children.

Please have a look at these articles here, here and here when you have the time and if you can, spread those articles far and wide because this has to stop. This is child abuse of the highest order and it must be stamped out whether its practitioners believe it to be culturally appropriate or not and the authorities in this country need to stop hiding behind their pansy-arsed desire not to offend anyone and grow a pair. Whoever is involved in these practices needs locking up and cultural beliefs should not be a consideration. It doesn’t matter. This is NOT acceptable in any country.